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Is there a way to determine if a document (PDF) has been altered via Photoshop? I ask in the context of authenticating bank statements to determine creditworthiness.

IF A PARTY GIVES A STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT for purposes of supporitn a loan application, the banker receiving the same has to seek independent confidential opinion fromt he concerned banker wnd give him adequate time for the bank to reply. SAuch letters shoudl be sent without the intervention of the cusatomer and directly to the bank concerned. The replies also shoudl be received directly from the bank but not through the customer himslef. Direct and confidential opinion can be sought with the help of the nodal office of the bank branch in order to minimise the risk of influencing the customer details or wrongly projecting the customer , when he is not entitled to. Raghavan AVS

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Alter PDF: All You Need to Know

For this purpose, banks are often asked to provide such information to customers, but it is not feasible to carry out all the procedures on a continuous basis. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of creating an inaccurate perception the banks are asked to make the customer names available only after completion of the initial evaluation of the account, for a certain time, as required under the banking system's regulations. It is mandatory to check the authenticity of bank accounts and to take additional steps for the same if there are questions. It is also the bank's responsibility to ensure that all the facts contained in the customer's statement of account is true and accurate. The bank is accountable to the customer for providing support to him. The bank is also liable for any damage caused to the customer out of negligence or bad faith.” “It is important.