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Besides the U.S., what countries have ample shale oil and gas resources that could be developed with using today's technology?

Since “fracking” is a fictitious term, no. And if you ask about fracturing, hydraulic, mechanical or gas, also known in oil industry shorthand as fracing or frac’ing, the answer is still no, beacuse, fracing is only one stage of the well completion process. Fracing has been around and in common use since the ‘50s, so, still no. “Shale oil” is a very misleading term, a lot of the wells people think t are referring to when the say “shale oil” aren’t in shale formations at all. The actual game changer is the ability to drill horizontally. Example. The Zebra formation is 35′ thick with an average porosity of 15%, so when you drill vertically, you have 35′ of “pay”. If you drill the same formation horizontally, you can have 20,000′ of “pay”. More “pay” = more product = more value.

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Therefore, there has been an entire industry built around Fracking, and people forget about the difference between RACING and FURLING. ALI hope this helps out everyone who is seeking guidance on this crucial, crucial topic. And, if you've got any other questions, ask away, but, for now, this is important.