Can You Perform Forensic Analysis of a PDF?

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Can you perform forensic analysis of a PDF?

The problem with information forensics is that as soon as a file passes out of your possession - even assuming that you’ve taken all steps to maintain its integrity and demonstrate that it has not been altered after it coming into your possession - you have no means of demonstrating that it will not then be altered by whoever you hand the file to. What you’re doing is essentially handing a piece of paper in a foreign language to someone and asking “Read this for me”. It doesn’t matter what it says, it only matters what the person says it says. This is why there are strict chain-of-custody and nonrepudiation measures taken in information forensics, so that what you find, is what you find. Not what someone else wants you to have found.

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Alter PDF: All You Need to Know

There is no way to guarantee a file is “forever” secure. Now to someone who wants to know more about this, go read the following sections on “File Integrity”, “Handling Of Unreliable Information, And Handling Unreliable Data”. You will become a better investigator and know the value of not just looking at things you do not know, but actually knowing what you do.