Did the Ability of Cuttlefish to Change Color Come about by Evolution?

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Did the ability of cuttlefish to change color come about by evolution? Or was it designed?

Cephalopods use their vision. T match their surrounding background as best t can. T are color blind, though. T ‘think’ in greyscale. T probably use their ‘minds’ to copy the spatial and temporal patterns in the background. T ‘learn’ the patterns that t have to imitate. The color may be determined solely by the types of chromatophores that t inherit. So the color may not involve the nervous system directly. Maybe their choice is automatic. If t have any choice in color at all, then their choice of color is instinctual. T inherit the instinct that correlates pattern with color. Cuttlefish can control the polarization of light reflecting from their bodies. So t probably ‘think’ in terms of polarization rather than color. Instead of a trichromatic palette, t have a triStokes parameter palette! Most animals can determine the Stokes parameters for the light that t see. So the triStokes profile probably is chosen for secret communication. T ‘think’ about the polarization t want to show. T still don’t think of the wavelength that t show. Their reflected wavelength is automatic. Their reflected polarization is intentional.

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In general, the density of seawater is 4.19 kg/l, therefore: If the depth is increased in any of the bony chambers of the shell, it would cause the volume of water which would enter the section of the shell to increase and the depth would increase. This allows the creature to move closer to the object of its selection and thus get closer to it, until either the pressure of the water is too great to overcome, or it reaches its optimal depth above water. The creature could therefore move closer and closer until within 2 meters the pressure of the water overcomes either the lifting capacity of the gas or the depth of the water. At these depths (10-20 m), it can then move more freely, and thus find the object of its selection! This is exactly what happens to the cuttlefish. It will swim towards an object and if it can.

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