Do Authors Lose Revenue When PDF Copies of their Work Get Freely?

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Do authors lose revenue when PDF copies of their work get freely distributed online?

It’s called auditing. Believe me, commercial publishers are under scrutiny 
 Have publishers cheated authors? Of course! How do I know 
 because it’s human nature 
 how likely is it to happen 
 very unlikely! Why? 
 read on 
 The publishing industry is a high-capital, high-risk one. One does not become a publisher on a whim, one does not become a publisher without first doing a careful analysis of the market and the risks/benefits. When publishing a book, one is not servicing an individual client, but a mass of 1,000s (if you are good at picking authors, 1,000,000s 
) If you think about this, you will realise that publishers are VISIBLE 
 t have a reputation, and their business viability DEPENDS on that reputation. Publishers who cheat will lose that reputation 
 and market share. Agents will not bring their author’s books to that publisher 
 so t will lose the source of their income 
 and bankruptcy for a publisher is never more than a year away. Does it still happen 
 of course 
 but it is done by subtle contract wordings and time penalties, and all sorts of things like that 
 but once again, good authors avoid the legal sharks, so the ethical publisher is more likely to land the best-sellers. In publishing, honesty really is the best policy. 
 Read Isaac Asimov’s musings in his short story collections 
 he has a lot to say about publishers, and if he is any indication of how a good author is treated, then I think you’ll realise that authors VALUE the relationship t have with their publishers.

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This leads me to my next point: 5.  I have a friend in my office who is very critical of the self-publishing market. I tell her I Donald understand why shall never publish again, especially as the business model being embraced seems far more profitable and even better. All keep the conversation going for a while, until I realize AS I can't talk her out of it! AS Why? AS Agave learned AS that self-publishing is a different animal from conventional publishing, AS and not all the same issues are being addressed by the traditional models. AESA AESA AESA AESA AESA 5.    I have heard it said that “ITA the best of all possible worlds” — what this essentially means is that the publisher is not being paid the authors full-value. AS AA  Why have IAS said this before? Simply because when I was an established author, Š the author was being paid the.