Do Split Brain Experiments undermine the Belief That Human?

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Do split-brain experiments undermine the belief that human consciousness arises in a soul? Given how the two brains can fight with one another and can hold completely different opinions, how could this be curated by a single soul?

I’m going to stretch the question a titch
 Consciousness isn’t coming from us; consciousness is a fundamental wave like gravity that is undetectable and not understood. Our soul/spirit interfaces with out brains through a ‘mind’ that intuits the consciousness and through a quantum field surrounding the body, allows for self-consciousness and memory in an extracranial source. This is a theory that is being discussed in quantum theoretical physics and not just my musing. To be clear, I doubt we will ever understand consciousness. I doubt the subtle body of our spirit/soul will ever be discovered. That said, I have to follow my intuition when the science fails us; this is the case here. The ‘awakening’ or ‘enlightenment’ spoken about is the human mind/brain tuning into the consciousness that was always there. Like radio waves we cannot feel, if we have the receiver we can pick up the broadcast. I think consciousness enters our brains through an antenna type mechanism and is interpreted by the brain. This is why sleep and psychedelics can alter our consciousness; if you turn the radio off or tune out of a specific frequency, it isn’t there anymore. Namaste.

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This is quite a radical statement. It means that our brains don't just take over control from our conscious mind, but actually do so in an almost entirely internal manner. This is a highly controversial proposition, I think, for a variety of reasons. For example most of us will admit to sleeping on our backs without thinking about it. But even here it is highly unlikely our sleep is entirely in some sort of unconscious state; instead it's very likely there's a conscious memory of sleeping on the back that goes back to a time when it was possible to sleep on our feet without waking our conscious mind. Likewise, many people would swear there is an unconscious memory attached to the memory of sleep paralysis, or even a dream in which they are dreaming and wake up at the exact same time. But you really have to be.

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