Do the Minutes of a Meeting Need to Be Signed?

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Do the minutes of a meeting need to be signed?

The minutes of meeting puts things in perspective. If 10 people are having a fervent discussion in a board room for an hour, it is less likely for our brains to capture and imbibe so much of information. We have a limited attention span and our conscious brains are inept at keeping a lot of information or pointers. We tend to forget soon. The purpose of the minutes of the meeting is to keep a simple logger. On the top of the logger, we mention the names of the participants. The jotting down of points is normally done be someone who is a part of the discussion group. On the left hand side of the paper, we mention names again ,and against each person, we attribute a responsibility; something which has been agreed upon during the course of the meeting. Normally, this responsibility which has been taken or given to the candidate comes with a dead line. Review meetings are held to check on the progress of the work. Example - A meeting is held today and there are 4 participants. Each participant is handed a responsibility and t are given 1 week of time each. Thus, 4 participants at the end of this month will have to finish their allotted work. A review meeting could be held fortnightly to check on the progress. This is the formal way of doing it. Another way could be the person making the minutes of the meeting, notes down everything that is being discussed; makes a concise , point wise outline and sends it to everyone, who were a part of the meeting.

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The whole document needs to be in front of everyone, with the date clearly defined. The minutes are a simple document. The minutes have to go through the process of review and is ready for final editing before being put up for final approval. A review meeting can go for longer period of time in the same corporate company, even a full year, where the need arises of making the work transparent and accountable. In short, our bodies are not efficient at storing and distributing information. The brain is, but our conscious mind is not that efficient. The more we try to keep track of everything, the more time we are wasting. The more we try to keep track of things, the more time we waste on unnecessary stuff. So you can save yourself some time and make sure that your tasks are completed and the paperwork is accounted for. So.