Dont Ants Get intoxicated by Liquor?

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Don't ants get intoxicated by liquor?

Ants carry other ants for several reasons, but I have not heard of them carrying a wounded ant back to the nest for “repair” or “recuperation”. Some ants prey on other ants for food. This would typically be ants of a different species. Ants of the same species often fight between colonies. I presume the victors could remove wounded or dead from the battlefield for food. (Adult ants cannot chew solid food. T feed prey to their larvae, which regurgitate liquid food for the adults). When ants fight their own species, t grab on viciously and do not let go. Ants of other species may sense this and take the opportunity to drag the fighting ants to their own colony to eat. Ants fighting other species are prone to let go more easily. I have seen a California grey field ant dragging two harvester ants to its nest, several times. I have also seen a harvester ant dragging two field ants. Sometimes ants carry healthy adult ants. An outside worker ant may carry a younger, inside worker ant to a new hole. In this case, t usually carry their nest mate on their backs. Ants change jobs as t grow older. The youngest ants work in the nest where t are fairly safe. Older ants work outside where t are more easily picked off by predators or other ants. Being older, t are more expendable. If you spray to kill ants, another cohort will leave the nest the next week. Finally, some ant species are slavers, known as Amazon ants. T raid nests of certain other species and carry the workers back to their own nest to take care of the Amazon queen and larvae.

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A few ants carry their young off to die on the forest floor or nearby. I suppose t could try to get them to leave the nest and find food. I have only found a few of these cases. I assume this is a problem t face every day. P.s. I am interested in being a researcher in the study of insects!  Follow the blog by clicking on the red “Follow” button below.