How Are the Mbbs Online Classes Going on in Your Medical College?

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How are the MBBS online classes going on in your medical college?

Let me answer this question straight forward. Fully read it , I know it is quite lenghty but there are some important information which may be beneficial for you. DO'S 1 .Enjoy the course , do not make it burdern on yourself. 2. Do not pile up your work , do your mannual’s works on the regular basis , do not pile up the work for tommorow . “AS YOU KNOW TOMMOROW NEVER COMES.” 3. Just choose your books wisely, do not go for what other says , read those book which suites you the most. 4. Go and attend your classes and do not bunk your classes unnecessarily. Their are mass bunk for you ,use them . Do not short your attendance below 75 — 80% as you may be detained for your proffestional exams. 5.Give proper time to each and every subjects. 6. In exam use coloured pens for indicating headings and also rembember to give applied aspects for the asked question. 7. While you are reading any subject do not read it , just makes some notes along with it , it will help you in your part completion test/ exams. 8 .Do not miss any part completion tests , practicals, viva, internal as these test scores will help you in getting your internal marks for your university exam. 9 .Do not take so much stress , just keep talking to someone whoever your mentor in your college . 10. Since your clases are not started yet , please make some connections with your senior , it will help you a lot for getting an idea about the college and its rules , it is for your benefit. 11. Buy the Stethoscope, knee hammer , two scissors , one 11 and 15 no surgical blade , scalpel handel , one toothed forcep, one 0 zero no nylon paint brush , one blunt forceps . H and E pencil set ( 3 in no. each will be sufficient for entire year) . Coloured pens and coloured pencil.( Do not use Natraaj — my personal experience is that you will get tired of sharpening of pencil of natraaj as t are of low quality . You can use Doms but according to my experience Faber Castel is the best ) .Use 0.5 mm or 0 .7 mm mechanical pencil t will save your time. One packet of surgical gloves , a good sanitizer. You will be required sphygmomanometer , tuning forks but t are not important initially, you can buy them later on. **for any other queries over dissection kits , dissection skill and any other stuff you can inbox me I will help you out. 12. Prepare yourself for roasting by the proffessors. First you will feel sad , but after some time you will get use through it . DO NOT 1. Do not argue on any topic with proffessors. If you unable to understand any topic , please ask your queries after the classes. 2. Do not make proxy . Please , the professors are smart enough t can sense the proxies through their detective nose . 3 .Never be late for the classes and exams, please reach to your concerned venues 5 minutes earlier , or before the proffessor enters to the lecture hall. 4. Do not distract the proffessor , while t are teaching you / or just reading the ppt lines by lines 5 . Do not make yourself attention seeker . 6. Please if you are bringing mobile phones in the clases please switch off them . Do not silent them , actually sometimes these big shitty phones will make you centre of attraction due the special Alarms . Yes , you heard correctly , Alarms can snooze even if the phone is in silent mode. 7. Do not loose any dissection clases . Because if you loose the dissection classes you will definately make blunders in your proffestional exams. 8.MI user's for the god sake please do not try to turn off the projectors by those special apps installed in your so called pocket bombs. 9 .Do not waste your time as time is very precious , I know your first few months your studies will surely suffer and why I will kept that suspense , you will get that wihin a 2 or 3 days when you will enter your respective colleges. 10. Do not get depressed on your failure, failure will be quit common in your path. I hope you will like it Thanks

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