How Do I Prepare for the Gs for the Ssc Cgl?

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How do I prepare for the GS for the SSC CGL? I want to score 40+. I have Lucent GS & Arihant GS book. I also have the PYEQ 2017-2019 CGL exam.

Two steps - Lucent book OR NCERT from class 6 to 10th- Social science and Science Learning from test series Frankly, there’s hell lot of unpredictability in the GS section, but nonetheless you cannot completely ignore it now. My last advice to you would be to take intelligent guesses. Eliminate options or look for logical inconsistencies in the question or the option(For instance try to think if at all the option makes sense logically)

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For instance, you can try to compare the answer choices as close to one as possible, using logic and reasoning. Or, you can use this video, which uses logical reasoning and deductive reasoning to determine whether the number of steps to take into consideration is rational. As a side note, I think the whole topic of why some people are able to answer a question quickly and others can't, is fascinating — so that could be a good topic of a separate lesson, that's the idea. (BTW — I personally like this one, with the funny way of stating the whole topic). I did mention in my previous blog post that I was going to create a series of math videos that are similar to the previous math lessons and that, therefore, the last tutorial would be very short and not be in your face. I guess what I'm saying now is that this.