How Do You Kill Bracken Fern?

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How do you kill bracken fern?

Bracken is the common name of a very successful and widely distributed genus of fern - the botanical name is Pteridium, and there are around 10 or 11 species. In appearance, t are what most people would think of as being a “fern.” Most brackens are allelopathic - that is, t produce substances that keep many other species of plants from growing near them. Pteridium aquilinum has been identified as being toxic to horses and cattle, although t apparently won’t eat it if there’s any other fodder available. Sometimes sources identify brackens as poisonous to humans, but others say t are edible. If you want more information, try this article. Bracken

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Some are smaller, more fragile and tend to die quickly and easily. Others are longer, thicker, and more resilient, often needing to be tied in knots, or even staked, in order to keep them standing. T also come in a variety of different colors — a green one looks like a grass and a red one looks like watercolor paint — and they are sometimes called gill ferns or yellow ferns.