How Does Someone Cheat Using Mail in Ballots?

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How does someone cheat using mail in ballots, if anyone does?

Suppose you had a system that was not convenient, but was pretty much foolproof. People had to show an ID and during check in, a hand stamp (I voted) was placed on them with florescent blue dye that would last about a week. The vote would be marked on paper, and then use a scantron like device to tally them. Then, you say, “no need for the dye, we have the ID.” I at one time had an ID for my last location and for my new one. The old one was lost in a move but later found. I could then vote twice. Not saying I would
 Now, let's get rid of the ID. I could register in 14 different towns in 3 states and vote 14 times. Not saying I would. Now, let's allow mail in ballots, and I happen to have access to either the place that prints them or the place that mails them. Not I'm not saying I WOULD vote 10,000 times, but I do have some free time. Now, let's say I run a political organization that deals with election canvassing so I have about 100 people who are working tirelessly to see one set of candidates win. We are also in charge of taking ballots to 100s of locations to help people vote
retirement centers and nursing homes. I'm not saying votes would change or be discarded, but it could happen. Now let's say that instead of a day to do it, I have 2 or more months with access to ballots, names of people living and dead, and the desire to swing an election. Can you prove I did anything wrong? All my crew of 100 people did was sign up people to vote. Really. No fraud here, move along or we grab our bats. Is Voter Fraud Real?

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This is true for women in the workforce, people who have health problems that make it difficult to get jobs—and of course, if the government is going to be in charge, it also has to control the police force, so it inapt exactly a secret that the Police Brutality unit has become a major focus. It is not a secret that more than half the people in jail, more than half of those on probation, and more than 50 percent of those on parole are African-Americans. Those statistics matter because that just tell us that were in trouble⬬weâ¬re in trouble because of African-Americans⬬and Latinos⬬and the Latinos come at the cost of the Africans and the Africans come at the cost of the Latinos. Republicans in office have been trying to make the “law enforcement” force the backbone of any and all society that will allow for.

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