How Does the Cbo Account for the U?

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How does the CBO account for the U.S. Public Debt, i.e. the difference between the Marketable Account Series of treasury securities (held by the public at large), and the Government Account Series of treasury securities (internal to the government), in their Federal Budget projections?

Usual combination of little bit truth with a lot of lie. In order for capitalism exist and continue to function it need ever increasing amount of private debt. Government debt is the most safe form of debt. In general, it is a good idea to convert private debt to government debt. That could greatly improve economy. Question is, who’s debt? In 2008 the US had a choose, bail out banks or bail out home owners. The US choose to bail out banks. The US created and continue create new unlimited amount of money in Form of QE to bail out banks, monetizing there debt or converting it to government debt. in 2020 the US had a choice, bail out workers by paying there wages when close down economy, or bail out big corporation and banks. Again, the US choose to bail out big corporation and banks, by monetizing there debt and by converting it to government debt. At the same time it did nothing for workers. 1200$ check + 600 check + now 1400$check is nothing. Temporal expansion of unemployment? very conditional and temporal. Ridiculous. Small companies and what left of US middle class were robs of there wealth in booth cases. Booth crises were the biggest transfer of wreath from bottom and middle to top in history of the US and actually the whole word. Summers blame republicans and democratic left? what? Little crumbs left get is nothing, left lost and had nothing. For more theory, here.

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To the people who say “the system works” or “the system works perfectly” do you even watch the news? The system is now run by the 1% — oligarchs and corrupt politicians. Democracy will never work in this country. In order to be able to do what you would expect from the system you need people who own the system and people who run the system with that elite. “The system works” or “the system works perfectly” is the system. It serves the elite. It is what the elite want and get. The people who want the system are usually the people who own it. As long as the elite are in control, there won't ever be any change that will change what is on the table, ever. The elite can ignore what is actually going on. That is the power they have in the system. The.