How Should I Send My Wireframes to a Potential Investor?

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How should I send my wireframes to a potential investor?

Depends on what the context of the wire-frame is. Are you a three time exiting founder who has the pick of one's investors Are you a very well known entrepeneur who has multiple stints in similar vertical organizations? If the answer is no, than probably your likely hood of investment will be lower than being on the higher end. One has to remember, as for funds at a stage where there is nothing but a frame of an app or service is high risk for an investor. Who cares if you have a good business plan? I can research a thousand different money making models with a couple of searches. If you are, are you raising investments in the region where you saw success or are you pushing into a different country, geography? Again, if you are indeed a well known founder, it would be best to raise funds where your name is prevalent. This lowers the capital on your end. What's the amount of money you'd like to raise? Is the requested raise in line with the VCs you're approaching in terms of historical investment amounts? It's important - IMO - to get this balance right. If you walk up to a VC who is mainly doing growth stage capital or to a VC who does above Seed, their optics will be different from the VC who does early stage Seed executions.

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