If Lightning Hit Me?

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If lightning hit me, would I get super powers?

Well your chances of getting super powers are 10% i.e if there is such a thing as the after life. Becaure the chances of dying when lightning hits you are such. But there is a 100% you will look like Drax(guardians of the galaxy) because of the severe burns you suffer.

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The worst thing is that the majority of Lightning is invisible to people so unless you are in perfect physical condition you are screwed. If you get struck by lightning it makes you immune to fire etc. But there is a 50% chance of the victim also having the effects of magic, but that won't protect them from the effects of Fire or Cold. There is also a 100% chance of you and your friends being killed instantly by lightning. So unless you are one of the most powerful people around, you're likely to take one life every other hour(it's true). There is a 100% likelihood that you and 100% other people you know are killed by a lightning strike(again 100% that's not hyperbole, it's 100% true. There are also many other hazards with lightning, like blindness, heart attacks etc. (that's not hyperbole, it's 100% true. The fact is.