Is a 4 Page Contract Sent by Email as 4 Separate Pages Considered?

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Is a 4-page contract sent by email as 4 separate pages considered legal, or must it be served as a single document (such as PDF) where no part of the agreement can be altered?

Providing the essential components of a contract are established; Mutual assent (offer & acceptance); Consideration (a promise to do what you were not legally obligated to do or a promise to refrain from doing that which you had a legal right to do) No defenses to contractual formation (statute of frauds, absence of consideration, mistake, duress, unconscionability, misrepresentation, incapacity, intoxication); THIS COMMUNICATION CREATES NO ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE OR RELATIONSHIP BUT IS FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY Shalom aleichem.

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Wack (Wade), 2012 NJ 1, ¶ 12. (“It is no answer to say that the contract or the implied license arises out of mutual consent or consideration. If the parties have formed a deal or formed an implied license only because they both fully understood the nature of their commercial endeavors, it is no answer that they should now be presumed to have formed the contract if they have acted upon that understanding by the performance of each of their agreed services with mutual full and voluntary assent.”). “The law of contract is that of a bargain not a contract of sale, unless under the circumstances it is evident that the parties had formed it for the sale of a commodity. As so construed, every contract of sale, in which the contract has been entered into as a result of an express or implied bargain not made for the.