Is there a Way to Reduce the Power of the Flash on My Nikon D3200?

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Is there a way to reduce the power of the flash on my Nikon d3200?

Yes, why wouldn't it be? Maybe you are confused about what multiple exposure shots mean. It simply means to take multiple photographs of different/same frame with different/same settings and blending them into one shot. Multiple exposures shots are possible with any camera you can think of, from a classic film type camera, a point & shoot to any advanced DSLRs, some post-processing will be required in all the cases. Multiple exposures are helpful either to gather more dynamic range than the camera's sensor can capture (a.k.a. HDR), to capture a moving target over a period of time (lunar eclipse series ) or similar creative works. If you're confused why your camera doesn't have an inbuilt multiple exposure option, just use a sturdy tripod and change the exposures manually like photographers have been doing for decades.

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The beauty is that you can even combine multiple exposures to get more dynamic range or increase contrast and saturation in the same image. If the image is blown, you can use the different exposures separately and then blend them into a final image; the image you get is the best of the two. How Many Lenses Do You Need To Take A Good Image? Here is a little cheat sheet that may just save you a lot of time during your photography and imaging adventure. The first image is a shot I took with a Canon Rebel CTI with a 24 mm Canon 50 mm F1.8 lens and a Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR camera. The second image is a shot taken with a Nikon D3200 DSLR with a 14-15 mm Nikon Nikki lens and a Nikon D750 camera. The third image is my first attempt at shooting with a 50 mm.

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