Is there Anyway to Rotate An Image Or PDF from within Evernote?

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Is there anyway to rotate an image or PDF from within Evernote?

To become the right balance between a full-fledged word processor and a note application. I have some grief with making tables in Evernote due to the lack of column/row height/width controls. Being a big fan of using tables to outline comparisons of concepts (I'm a student), I'm usually torn between using point form vs tables to juxtapose the key points. That being said, I do understand that Evernote should not replace our word processors and maintain a semblance of minimalism as a note-taking application. Just my two cents!

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Download Free Manual to Convert Evernote to e-book format EXPLORER Manual Free Download This is an excellent manual to convert Evernote To e-book format, but users are requested to contact the developer of this software for a free manual, available in the form of a PDF report. Note: The Evernote conversion tool is not free and the tool is currently only compatible with Windows operating system. Note: User must be a Windows user to install and use this tool. We encourage user to report any bugs or issues in the comments section below.