Is there Such a Thing as Raised Consciousness?

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Is there such a thing as raised consciousness?

Friends, Consiousness in itself is thing. It is omnipresent and conscious to its own existence. It exists in standstill mode and shows no movement/vibration. It enjoys freewill to be in this mode or not. When it excercises it's freewill and chooses not to be in standstill mode,it creates vibration in its own stuff/substance. It begins to vibrate. Vibration is primordial cause of creations. What we call thing is an illusory construct and it appears but doesn't exist substantially as it has no stuff/substance/thing-ness as consiousness has. Vibration being happened in stuff/substance of consciousness are mother womb for appearence and disappearance of energy particles. Anything when substracted to its molecules,atoms and subatomic particles,thing remains no more in its substancial existences as it has born out of some movement (vibration). As movement goes on,thing remains to be existed/to be appeared and as movement ceases said thing begins to be disappeared. Thing in itself is illusory. Everything in itself is illusory. Consiousness is ONLY thing which is not illusory and exists but doesn't appear or disappear. Thing which exists but doesn't appear can ONLY gives birth to thing which does appear but doesn't exist through some movement. Thanks Q guru

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Please follow in the spiritual path of life. Best Regards Santana p.s. You may use this email address to send any inquires. PS: If you have enjoyed the information which is given from me to enlighten others about this subject, I kindly request: a confirmation for this information and a donation of just R300 to the charity that I set up to serve the needy through the work of Raja Guru Sahib Namath. Your help here will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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