Should Human Resource Departments Refrain from Accepting PDF?

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Should Human Resource departments refrain from accepting PDF attachments, due to the possibility of an e-mail being altered from DNS hijacking?

Email is not a secure medium in any case (unless its signed with s/mime or pgp), I don’t think that is changed in any way whether there is a PDF attachment or not. Email MX hijacking sounds to me like a rather uncommon attack, what do you expect the attack to inject into the mail. malware or phishing?

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Alter PDF: All You Need to Know

As you may remember the first email we published, that we discovered contained malware we immediately alerted the security team and got them to take action to shut down the spam, which we never heard back from them. We were in touch with all over the web and all of them (in one way or another) said they were not taking this email seriously, or they were not capable of getting malware on to machines and shutting down spam. I understand the risks of email attacks and that they can be costly and sometimes quite disruptive. Are there any companies that you recommend for safe mail servers? This is a question I ask myself often. In general the best way to store sensitive material is with your own internal machine and then in a separate box on a host outside your organization, so you don't have to worry about accidentally.