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What are some good PDF readers for Windows which would give the reading experience closest to reading an original book? I want to read many eBooks, but it doesn't feel good to look at How To Alter A Pdf.online Reader.

Kindle Paperwhite, in my opinion, is the ereader that gives the closest experience to reading a real book. If you prefer a little bit bigger screen, heavier device, and more expensive alternative, look no further than the Kindle Oasis. The Paperwhite has all of the customizations you need/want for fonts, font sizes, light display, etc. to make the ereader the best it can be for you. The screen, however, lets you read the ebook as if it were on paper. All illustrations in the physical book will typically match the physical book. Another customization option to choose to make it closest to reading physical books is setting the font size/type/margins/etc. up to Publisher’s Setting, where you will get all of the fonts and any other little things that were missed in the crossover due to formatting differences. You can’t do anything else with a Paperwhite (or Oasis) except read books. The display is mostly glare-free. The backlight, should you choose to use it, is not harsh and completely adjustable to your needs. The newer models are waterproof (no more worrying at the beach, poolside, or bathtub reading for a few droplets ruining your day) and are Bluetooth enabled so that you can use it with Audible as long as the device is paired with a Bluetooth enabled speaker.

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I've never found that this matters, but I personally use the Kindle Paper white for audiobooks because the reader is the best reader I've read. For a little more power, consider the Kindle Touch: The most noticeable difference is the extra buttons on the front edge. Unlike the Paper white, Touch has a “backlight,” also known as a backlight bar. It can be programmed to change color with the reading mode. Kindle Paper white and the Touch both have a built-in speaker. Kindle Touch does not support e-ink e-books or anything that isn't a PDF file. Kindle Touch, Touch, Touch, Touch and the Kindle Oasis have the same E-Ink LCD screen. The older models will work with the Kindle Touch with the e-ink screen, but the newer e-ink models will not work in the older models. A lot of e-ink readers include a reader that will allow you to.