What Can Artificial Intelligence Do for Cars Or the Automotive?

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What can artificial intelligence do for cars or the automotive industry?

This a transcript of the paragraph I recently wrote.I want you to name 10 things in your home which use AI. Can't? You're probably thinking that you don't have 10 things at your home which use AI but I beg to differ. Prepare to be amazed. (not really, just clickbait) There are many types of AI but mostly narrow AI (AI designed to do just a specific task is used. if you want to know more about narrow AI, click here.). Now AI can be used for a lot of good despite the way its has been wrongfully portrayed in many of the Terminator movies. In fact the AI for good movement is proof for it. Every year huge summits are held to discuss the good AI can do, will do and keep doing. In fact there is even a Netflix prize for making better the "movie recommendation algorithm". Now let's talk about the most obvious field AI is used, Computer Science. In short (taken from wikipedia)." According to Russell & Norvig (2003, p. 15), all of the following were originally developed in AI laboratories.time sharing, interactive interpreters, graphical user interfaces and the computer mouse, Rapid application development environments, the linked list data structure, automatic storage management,symbolic programming, functional programming, dynamic programming and object-oriented programming. " In fact AI can even be used to make new AIs like Google's AutoML made a neural net topology called NASnet. AI can also be used to manipulate the face of a person or rather animate. This technology is called DeepFake (Portmanteau of deep learning and fake). The technology had realistically imitated Vladmir Putin and even Barrack Obama. To stop the use of this technology, A program was created to recognise if deepfake was used by studying the movement of the lips. AI is also used in algorithmic trading, bitcoin mining, medical care and many more fields which will be really hard for me to cover. So given below are some links u can follow to learn all about it

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The following article covers AI in general and what it can do for you. Now let's talk about Deep Learning. Deep Learning refers to a set of computer programs that learns to identify patterns of data from large volumes of input data. According to Deep Learning Theory, the basic computational tasks associated with the learning of Deep Networks are those that represent data as a mathematical object (the mathematical representation of the real-world data) rather than as sequences of random occurrences (the random sequence of data). A Deep Neural Network (CNN) is a training algorithm developed for achieving Deep Learning in computer vision, speech recognition and natural language processing. Deep Neural Networks are generally thought to use a convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture for learning. The CNN is an architecture of convolutional networks designed to learn to identify features using a linear combination of input features (one layer of output features), while maintaining sparse.

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