What Do Job Recruiters Just Get That Job Seekers Just Dont?

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What do job recruiters just "get" that job seekers just don't?

Usually only governments use this approach with. job seekers - hoping t will get any job - to get them off the dole (unemployment payments). HR and hiring managers don’t encourage this practice, as it only results in unnecessary and wasted time going through lots of applications which have no relevance to the job requirements. It also wastes candidates’ time and gives them false hope - which impedes an organisation’s reputation in the market. It’s unlikely a candidate would be hired for a job that t can’t do (in this scenario) because based on the written application and interview process. t would be assessed as underqualified and not able to cope - employers can spot this a mile away and do not want the headache of an obviously unsuitable hire; and remember, a hiring manager is responsible for the hire when t start working; and an obvious poor fit will call their own judgement, decision making, recruitment skills and competence into serious question (as it impacts the morale of other staff, productivity, is costly in paying a new hire a salary, etc) and most managers value their reputation and keeping their own job highly enough not to do this; or alternatively T could be assessed as overqualified. T could do the job — but need to convince the hiring manager of the reasons for taking a lower level role - and that t are prepared to do more mundane tasks, understand t won’t have staff to help them, and that t won’t leave as soon as t find a job at their level.

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T could have many reasons why they need to take a lower level role — ranging from a medical condition t suffers from, to a mental health condition or other issues which require specialist work. In some examples, one person may be a high achiever who has had an incredible amount of experience/education and is very well qualified, and another may be a person with limited experience who might be looking for low level work. Sometimes a low level job is just the only way to save some money (no more housing benefit) or a family budget is stretched to bursting point, and they need the money right now, so they can provide for their children — and even then there may be problems with being in the private rented sector, being in a poor credit rating as they have no security, being unemployed themselves or just not.

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