What Do You Think about the Relatively New Experiment On?

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What do you think about the relatively new experiment on Wheeler-DeWitt's interpretation on how time could emerge from quantum entanglement? I'm mainly referring to Ekaterina Moreva and co. papers from 2013 and 2019.

Quite unlikely (my polite way of saying no), this is not possible using quantum theory in its current accepted form. Quantum field theory axiomatically assumes that field properties applied to a space-time metric will adequately describe the physics of a quantum field. Experiment confirms this presumption. Quantum entanglement is nothing more than an eigenstate that is a conserved mixture of eigenvalues which when measured appropriately will resolve itself into pure components. It is fair to say this process is not local, but that remains a long step from entanglement creating the space in which it is then non-local. You cannot define those eigenvalues/mixture states until first you define the metric in which t will exist, and the Hamiltonian that will apply (i.e. the number and location of eigenvariables) and the action principle that will apply (Schrodinger's equation) and so on. Now it could well be that the emergence of space-time could be a quantum phenomena, but this has neither been proved, nor is it derivable from current accepted theory.

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In other words if entanglement is a quantum phenomenon, it is quite impossible to define such a thing, and thus no such phenomenon can be proved true. There are indeed things we can say, without contradicting physics, that the concept of entanglement is not applicable to. For the purposes of this analysis, it is sufficient that a particular space-time manifold cannot be derived using quantum theory. This is the basic axiom and is not subject to change. Quantum Field Theory has a lot in common with non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics (i.e. Relativity) because they both consider the same sets and measure. I was taught quantum field theory in undergrad, where it was presented as the simplest possible theory, a version of Einstein's theory. We learned that our Universe was static, which has much to do with that. It is also taught that space and time are conserved. The two are.

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