What Is One Computer Program That You Want to Blast off the Face Of?

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What is one computer program that you want to blast off the face of the earth?

This is a great question. It’s one I can easily answer for myself. It’s also one for which it is nearly impossible for me to communicate the answer to someone else. The most beautiful computer program is the one with no extraneous harmonics, beat frequencies, or overtones. It has perfect sine waves. As you might guess from this. I process designing and writing software in the same part of my brain where I process music (I also have perfect pitch), and to get the most out of either activity, it must be exclusive. In other words, if I’m listening to music that has these qualities, such as some of the music by Mannheim Steamroller (e.g. “The Third Door”), or Linda Ronstadt singing backup for Paul Simon in “Under African Skies”, or Kimbra Lee Johnson’s part in Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, or Bach’s "Little Fugue in G minor” on organ, or 10,000 Maniacs “Verdi Cries”, etc. 
 I can’t program. For some of this music, I can’t even listen to it in the car when I’m driving, which is mostly autonomic at this point in my life. I’ve also had to pull over when a particularly deep insight has hit me with regard to a software of physics problem. I know a few people like me; and t are the ones who also have a really hard time in “Open Plan” offices, because it’s not as if it’s possible to wear headphones and listen to music to block the noise out, since it takes over pathways that would otherwise be dedicated to coding. T are also the people most able to solve the deepest problems, if you put them in a quiet office, without a telephone, and t exit the chat client/Facebook/whatever, and there isn’t a landline phone which might ring and interrupt their thoughts. Maybe if I were to listen to Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” over and over again, I could get some work done
 but then there’s always the danger that the song might “grow on me”, and then not only would I’d not be able to get work done, I’d have this horrible growth on my musical taste. In beautiful software, each piece makes a single, pure note, and all of the pieces fit together into a whole that makes music, and the music it makes isn’t atonal, and it doesn’t have overtones, where you might hear a race condition between multiple threads of control, and there’s no sour notes, where there might be a difference of opinion on option base, and there’s no overtones because the data is not perfectly third normal form between data structures and 
 Yeah. Not something easy to communicate to someone else, even if t have perfect pitch, and are a music lover. But a beautiful computer program? When I look at it, I hear it’s parts, as t would sound while t were operating, and the beauty is self-evident in that.

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Now, you could ask, “But wait. I can send text to a word processor using XML, or HTML. Does that mean writing C# is complicated too?” It depends. As I explained above, Windows' built-in APIs are very similar to the standard API. So a typical code to write a window and text to it, would look something like this: //Create window. Window And = new Window(“Text window created...”); //Initialize it, and add it to the window list. And. BeginInvoke(“Initializing window...”); //Set the border on the window. And. Border = True; //Set its title, text and other properties. And. Title = “Word processor”; And. BackColor = Color.white; And. BackColor = Color.black; And. BackColor = Color.green; And. BackColor = Color.white; And. BackColor = Color.black; And. BackColor = Color.red; //Set the size and position of the window. And. BorderSize = New Size(And. Width, And. Height); //And then add it to the window list. And. AddWindow(And); //Display.