What Is the Problem If Print Houses Cant Print out a Specific Blue?

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What is the problem if print houses can't print out a specific blue color (pattern) and it keeps turning out into a very dark and ugly color?

When you say that the “colours don’t turn out accurately once t are printed”, I am assuming that your you mean that your print colours don’t match the colours on your monitor. There are a number of reasons for this, the first being that your monitor may not be calibrated. With some hardware and software, you can do this yourself. If you are running Windows 10, then you maybe able to do this following the instructions here - Calibrating your computer's monitor on Windows 10 . If you have a Mac, then there may be some instructions here for you - How to calibrate your monitor . Alternatively, there are software applications with accompanying hardware which will allow you to accurately calibrate your monitor. Best Monitor Calibrators for Photographers. 3 Top Options Reviewed gives you an idea of some of the tools that are available for this process. The other problem is that your printer uses a different colour space than your monitor - Why the Screen Image Always Looks Better Than the Print Version . Some paper manufacturers produce a “profile” that matches their paper to your printer, These profiles can be used to tell your printer how to produce the image on your printer. Most paper manufacturers either have the profiles available on their website, or will provide them for you if you ask. How to Use ICC Printer Color Profiles with Photoshop Epson Canon HP is one site which shows you how to use Red River Papers with various printers and computer applications. The process is similar for other papers. You can use Google to fill any gaps in this process that you do not understand from reading the site noted above.

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Printing Technology and its advantages 1.3 Basic Features of Printing Technology 1.3.1 Print Speed There is no precise definition or definition of a printing speed for each type of printing. However, the following features are widely agreed by the industry : In digital printing speed is achieved by the use of the high-speed printing media. High Speed Printing is a process where material is sent from the printer to the print head faster than a human can move, or by moving the print bar closer to the film. The material is then printed on the film at a faster rate than a light wave can be carried from the head to the print bed by reflection. In other words a print head may be able to print a specific size image by 3 mm per minute. () However, in traditional print companies usually a print media is set at low speed, such as 1200.

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