What Made Cyrus Different Than Other Rulers?

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What made Cyrus different than other rulers?

There were many religions in Persia at the time, the homeland of Zoroastrianism was the northeast of Persia (in the valleys of the Hindukish mountain range and their surroundings). Zoroastrianism spread from that region to the rest of Iran. Cyrus didn't left any inscription which would clearly describe his beliefs (unlike the later Achaimenian kings). Although Cyrus the great was emperor of Persia who freed Jewish captives and rebuild the temple. But Achaimenians around the time of Cyrus, including Cyrus himself, started to repeatedly name their children by the names of the Zoroastrian characters. Cyrus the Great named his eldest daughter Hutaosa (like the wife of Kavi Vishtaspa, the supporter of Zarathushtra). His elder cousin Arsames named his son Vishtaspa. This Vishtaspa has a son Darius who again named one of his sons Vishtaspa, and this second Vishtaspa named one of his sons Pishishyaothna (the name of the son of Kavi Vishtaspa who supported Zarathushtra). This sudden change in the favourite names is believed to be a sign of formal conversion to Zoroastrianism. Cyrus was probably Zoroastrian, & although Historical records indicate he was Zoroastrian But Cyrus the Great was religiously tolerant, he, according to the historians, at the same time probably sent Zoroastrian missionaries to spread Zoroastrianism peacefully. Many scholars also believe that the reason why many Medes joined Cyrus who was a Persian in the battle against their own Median king Astyages was that Cyrus, was a Zoroastrian and was seen as a leader of believers who came to overthrow the rule of previous pagans. The dead body shouldn't pollute the earth according to the traditional Zoroastrian beliefs. For this reason Zoroastrians practiced either the sky burial or the burial in a tomb which prevented any contact with the soil. This burial traditions were followed also by King Cyrus himself. Cyrus was probably Zoroastrian, but also have followed Persian paganism. In any case, it must be remembered that the Cyrus the Great never truly abandoned the worship of deities such as Anahita or Mithra, which is evident in the prominence of these figures in reliefs. & so He also was a sun-worshipper. & Zoroastrianism, was the dominate religion during the Persian Empire. Darius I. the Great, was the first undoubtedly Zoroastrian Achaemenid king, and probably an orthodox Zoroastrian. & Zoroastrianism becomes the official religion of Achaemenid Empire later in Darius I. area. Zoroastrianism was the religion of the Achaemenid Empire & the Zoroastrians main deity was Uhura Mazda—-a man who became a God—-There is some similarity in the theology, and so Jehovah also had helped creating this system.

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