Who Still Uses Wordperfect?

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Who still uses WordPerfect, and why is it still in development?

I have the floppy disks from back when WordPerfect Corp. was a “stand alone” company, in the early 90’s. I was adept at using the shortcut codes, and wish I had kept it up. As did so many others, I succumbed to the blandishments of the GUI and became lazy. I use MS as little as possible. A necessary evil, their beta-release programs and etc left a “bad taste” that will endure. and the “upgrade” of the *.DOC to *.DOCX suffix is an example. No, I’ll stick with WordPerfect and *.WPG files, and upgrade as needed, which ain’t very often. 4X in 30 years, if i recall.

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In this decade, they switched to using the WordPerfect XML syntax, which makes the interface much easier to learn. The current MS users have no comprehension of this, which seems to me counterproductive. (And the XML does not come with macros or other functions that were previously standard. ) 5X in 10 years. For the last 5 years, I have been a free font enthusiast. I have many wonderful fonts, including the lovely and very flexible Robot. I believe that fonts are a very limited way to do type design. I enjoy using Robot, and in my opinion it is one of the finest fonts to date with the right kind of characteristics. As I said in the beginning, I hope that some other person will find the time to do the same with their fonts. My favorite free fonts are: Robot 5, Freestyle 2.1.2, OpenType 2.1, OpenType 2.1.1 and.