Why Are You a theist?

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Why are you a theist?

I'm actually glad You asked. Because the church, it's people. The pastor, priest, minister, rabi. T have become complacent, stuffy, and to be honest, egotistical, judgemental, and very stubborn in multiple combinations of overviews and impossible misguided beliefs on how God works, which are based one hundred percent on our biased views. Our, beliefs that if we were created in Gods image so if that is true, if indeed Jesus did come to save us all we must, though we make mistakes be, on the right track. That if we succeed here, we are doing the right thing. We read the bible and follow it to a fault. (Ooops).Did we do the right thing? The bible says we goofed. It says it was the woman who decided to cheat first, even though she was supposed to behave, it says men have complete control of His house, it says women need to act like women, it says men have to be men, it says all this stuff. It even predicts we will fail. The bible also says, we must follow the ten commandments and that we will inevitably make mistakes. Right? Wrong. People are walking away from the church because it is the bibles stories end, and because we did not do the right things. We mislead ourselves constantly to believe we are doing the right thing but we do not seem to remember to follow the basic principles. We pick and choose through out history what to do, how to act. We use our freewill to decipher God and speak on His behalf to our end and behave as if the lord God tells us to kill one another, judge one another, say we have authority over one another, that it is okay to hate dirty disheveled people, and hate other people that look and act differently than others. God wanted us to get rich and keep the others away because if we are perceft,clean,popular, successful it means we did what God wanted and we are obviously chosen, and even though I do not hear God say so directly, Gods chosen pastors, priests, ministers, rabbis say it is so according to the good book. It means, God does approve of me being loaded, and protecting my family, and getting drunk, and so what if I pay for my kid to get straight A's and etc. On, and on. Where does it say, the exact words, in the very first bible that the L.G.B.T.Q.A. community is wrong? Where tell me does it say that God absolutely believes you should stand on another mans neck to subdue Him? Where does it say if you are well to do, it means you are chosen by God and the poor are of Satan because I sat behind a woman who told her innocent little child this? Ahhhh. Now, we have an honest problem. Way tooo many rules that do not work, for me. God is interfering with my day to day. Why should we believe in God, and go to church if I am doing just fine and I am happy, and what if I really don't agree with God? I like a Jesus that doesn't look like a KKK member ready for a ride. My jesus is not white, my God says this, and my God that
. I don't believe in God. I live better, without God
.. T say

 T are walking away because humanity not only lacks faith, in God, but t lack faith in each other based on the rules, regulations, and ethics we have controlled and built. What if I told You t were all wrong about God? What if I told you that God sent people here, and works within people to set, the story straight? God, Has GOD DOES NOT AGREE. HEED IT. God, is unbiased. God is fair, and The “good” people have been one hundred percent bamboozled by a horrid enemy. God warns us about all of this. If God favors us as we are, why do we fight, kill, hate? Why are we biased? Do you think our free will was gifted to us to be nasty? To hate? No. To make the right choice. God made you in His image. We get that wrong, God says no man shall lay with man as woman and no woman shall lay with woman as man. We got these wrong. God created us to learn from God. God is man,woman, black, white, german,african, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian. God is everything. All things in one being! Father,Mother,Son,witch, and crone, and holy spirit! Humans, make the decision of goid and evil here on earth, God created this but we made the choice to let Satan have it. God gave us free will! People decided to say what is good and evil not by God but by accordance of the devils sign! MONEY! SATANS MONEY! the only thing that can destroy free will! You kill for it, starve for it, lust after it. Lust each other, and You get all the goodies You want so long as You follow the beast and help Him make hell on earth and so far; We did exactly, as ,God, has, warned we would. It says, plain as day. Gods chosen people will be made to suffer. This is the part where everyone calls me a false profit. T do so because t cannot afford to be wrong. Satan cannot afford to loose because if He loses, He will suffer and If He suffers He will not survive and the only way He thinks, THINKS, He can win is by convincing You, Hell ain't so bad. God shows us people to be the mouthpiece by showing us the truth. That's how it works and let me tell You, it is not how people portray it, it is dark, misty, and so cold it burns forever. Those who argue Gods words that God speaks through us as messagers will get to see it too. FOREVER
.God does not hate The L.G.B.T.Q.A. community. We choose to. God does not hate cops, we chose to, God does not hate any race, we chose to. God does not want you to do anything that includes, killing, hating,murdering, lying, judging, stealing, robbing, bending the rules, any of these things we do. Satan likes it. Satan puts demons in people too. There are people who are following Satan more, and more everyday. Satan calls people, people of race. Satan calls people children of descendants of cain and satan absolutely will tell you t are all white. Satan says we have to kill, rob and steal to survive. Satan tells you to let your kids know them damn dirty hobos are pests of His and it's okay to rid the world of the privileged and beautiful if them. Satan was beautiful once and God turned against Him and so now we gotta get justice against them racist white folks and them dumb blacks. Satan. Says those disgusting nasty things. We see race. GOD SEES GODS KIDS. Satan, controls by way of His minions to it that, cops are corrupt, people should divide each other, and that every damn race should be divided and hate and Satan does not want You reading this because He wants Us to make earth His. People who are descendants of cain will stay the same and always look the same as cain. T, want you to believe t are black or white but t are not anyone race, t look the same because t always say the same thing. T always hate. T always take from us who work for our supper and t claim. Always claim what we work hard for. T steal Yours and Satan steals your and it is why hard, sweaty, knuckle bleeding work is important. It is why its important to take care of and help those who cannot help themselves and why saving those who try by sharing and teaching is important. People who are Tasmanian, almost exclusively live near the equator, in tropical areas with intense sunlight. Australia, Melanesia, New Guinea, South Asia, The Middle East, and Africa. According to wikapedia, and have evolved from those areas are not evil. T just evolved in hotter climates. T are more aggressive because t had to live in harsher worlds, surroundings, tougher environments and t are tired of being treated as if t are trash so now, t are angry. This is because people of all races who were RICH and felt t were better than them, more privileged, should force these people to work the farms and tend the land. T beat them and so now the are aggressive. Rich people of all races, mostly what t and the privileged themselves call white, did this to these good, hard working people. It is not right. To be rich,white,anything but just another person is wrong. NOONE IS ABOVE ANYONE. Yes Jesus was mixed, IIUah(Jesus) was black haired. Yes He looked black. As you call it. Yes there are bad cops, who kill people who look the same as the those who commit a lot of crime. Here where I am 38 whites and 4 natives, and 14 blacks were killed by cops last year. 5 multiracial. Yes it was very wrong but it does not mean, all blacks are criminals, it doesn't mean all cops are bad and does not mean all whites are racist, there are no blacks, there are not whites. There are Africans, germans, Jewish, Chinese, french, english, samoans, Japanese, Chinese, koreans, Australians, and the list goes on. Noone better than the other just unique. That is it. Slightly different, many cultures. Cultures we made after God split us which brings me to the bible. All religious texts combined is the bible God gave us and we split parts of it up. The books that say the savior hasn't come yet are the parts before iiwshwah came, and the books that have the savior are the ones after that's it. Anything else was added by humans, another rule we broke. I can go on but the point is there is alot to fix. God shows up as what we want to see, satan is winning as we allow and we did some good and bad things. We need to give up this charade and work together now. Or, we won't like what comes next. It's not here yet but it is coming very soon and it wont be pretty.

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